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Why Should You Always Take Sewage Floods Seriously?

Most people are worried about the kind of flooding that has waters flowing at street level or more, causing people to flee their homes or seek refuge on the roof because water levels are so high. In reality, however, while most floods don’t reach this level of severity, some come with a far greater risk to people’s health in a home or workplace.

A sewage flood is one of these and should always be treated with extreme caution.

Why Do Sewage Floods Happen?

Sewage floods are typically a major issue for more urbanized areas, where homes and commercial properties are connected to a common central sewage network.

When working as intended, sewer lines are incredibly clean and efficient, allowing wastewater to flow out of a property and into a main pipe that flows into a hub for treatment and processing.

If there are heavy rains, this can sometimes result in more water landing on the ground than the soil can readily absorb. The rest of the water runs off into sewer drains, but sewage pipes themselves are limited in how much fluid they can carry.

If the amount of water in the sewer line is too great, then that water “backs up,” flowing up from the sewer line into the drainage pipes of properties and back up into the homes and businesses themselves.

The Risk of a Sewage Flood

Sewer water is known as “black water” because, unlike water from rivers and lakes, or snowmelt, the express purpose of a sewer is to carry away wastewater, including the water from toilets that disposes of human and even animal waste. This waste, whether solid or liquid, is high in bacteria and viruses.

This means that when sewage water backs up into properties, it is highly contaminated and often toxic and virulent to humans and animals.

In some cases, simple physical contact with the water may be enough to infect people with possible illnesses. This is the primary reason why, if sewage water is backing up into a property, health and safety should be first and foremost in the property owner’s mind.

Because of the high health risk sewage water carries, people and animals should not be exposed to it, and no one should be allowed to touch, let alone drink it.

Let The Professionals Cleanup All Sewage Backups

Sewage flooding can be incredibly hazardous. Trying to clean it up yourself risks infection if you accidentally swallow any of it, touch any of it with exposed skin, or, in some cases, even breathe in the fumes.

This is why this kind of sewage flood clean-up and restoration should always be handled by experienced professionals with the right tools and safety equipment to do it so that no one is put at risk.

If you suffer from sewage backup on your property and it’s extensive, don’t take any chances; get professional help.

Call immediately for an assessment of water damage in your home. We can come out to see the extent of the damage and then advise you on the best way to remove it safely and then start the repair and restoration process.

Our team is well-equipped, well-trained, and has the experience necessary to fix your sewage issue, analyze the damage, and make all the necessary repairs to your home or business.

Additional benefits of our sewage overflow cleanup service include:

  • Certified by the IICRC for safe cleanup
  • We are fully licensed and insured technicians
  • Effective sanitizing and cleaning of all surfaces and contaminated belongings
  • Safe disposal of waste and contaminated materials
  • Professional eradication of all parasites, bacteria, mildew, and fungi

Once your property is cleaned, we’ll use advanced deodorization techniques to eradicate bad odors and an army of high-volume fans and dehumidifiers to dry your home.

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