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How To Prevent Bathroom Water Damage From Happening

One of the most devastating incidents that you could ever experience at your home is to have water damage that is extensive. This can originate from many locations throughout your home including your kitchen, laundry room, and also your bathrooms.

In particular, the bathroom has a couple different areas where water can run rampant. If it is coming from the toilet, you could have a sanitary issue. If it originates from the shower, bath, or the sink, the water could flow quite significantly throughout your entire home. If you just want to prevent bathroom water damage from occurring, there are a few things you can do.

Replace Existing Pipes Under Your Sink

One of the first things you should do is look underneath your sink. There are many different pipes located here. There will be the standard hot and cold water pipes that are coming out of the wall. In addition to this, you may have an elbow, connected to the drainage pipes, and these are typically made of PVC.

You need to make sure there is no slow leakage, or even substantial damage, that could lead to a flood originating from beneath your sink. This can be done by replacing these pipes, and if you cannot do so yourself, you will need to hire a professional plumber to do this for you.

Preventative Work On Your Shower And Tub

In the same way that you were able to examine the pipes leading into your sink, the same can be done with your shower or bathtub. It may require the removal of areas of your wall to see what is happening behind the scenes, but if you can do so, and you find leakage, you can actually prevent yourself from spending thousands of dollars on repairs caused by dry rot. Finally, you will want to have some type of barrier put in place around the perimeter of the bathtub and sink in case water does begin to flow. This could be towels, or you could have a separate area where drainage can occur, complete with small indented conduits in the linoleum floor.

Check The Seals On Your Toilet

The seals on your toilet can become corroded over time. If the toilet was set decades ago, it may be time to change them out. This is typically a two-person operation as you will need to lift the toilet up, and subsequently set it down on the new seal. It is so important to do this with great precision. If you don’t, even a new seal that is improperly placed may leak. This is also a job that you may need a professional plumber for that has done this many times and can guarantee their work.

Hire a Plumber to Prevent Future Water Damage

By using these simple strategies for preventing water bathroom damage, you can avoid the potentially expensive repairs that may come later.

By checking all of your pipes, providing extra drainage, and checking the seals on your toilet, you will be effectively preventing what could become a very expensive repair job in the future.

If you cannot do this on your own, remember to compare multiple companies that offer these services. There will likely be a plumber that can come out to do an evaluation, and subsequently make repairs were needed.

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