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When Should You Call a Pro To Repair & Restore Your Property?

For homeowners or business people the nightmare scenario is to find out that flood levels of water have hit your property. Of course, with damage at this level, the most efficient way to restore things to a sense of normalcy is by bringing in professionals to assess, recover and restore, but when is it safe to do this?

Ensure Personal Health & Safety First

Before anything else, property owners should look after their own health and safety and that of other family members or employees that may be in a residential or commercial space.

During the storm, when flood conditions are still persisting, it is not advised for people to remain on the property, and they should seek shelter and safety elsewhere.

It’s also not advised for people en mass to return to the property even after the storm conditions have ceased. Depending on how severe storm conditions were or the flooding is on the property, the structure may not be safe.

There are also additional issues of disease, especially if sewage water is present, as well as electrocution electrical power is still active in the home.

Recover Small Items

Once you enter the property, do with appropriate personal protection. Rubber boots, or waders, and rubber gloves, are crucial, not just to stay dry but to avoid contagion. Remember, the water is unlikely to be safe, especially if it’s confirmed that sewage water is present. If the switch box is safely accessible, turn off the power to the building to eliminate the risk of electrical shock from wet electronics.

At this point, you may gather up any important small, personal items for recovery. Family heirlooms, jewelry, important documents, and other essentials may be taken, but don’t spend time on larger items such as furniture.

The Two Day Window

If services in your area are still currently available, you should call for professionals to assess your home within 24-48 hours of the flood event. This may not always be possible, as sometimes storm or flood conditions can persist for days, or the region is declared a disaster area. No one aside from authorized personnel such as rescue teams or the military is permitted to enter.

If these conditions aren’t present, bring in professionals as quickly as possible. Not only can they remove larger items from a property, such as furniture, or, in commercial cases, heavy machinery, they are crucial in the water removal and drying process.

It’s not enough to remove water from the premises; the moisture penetrating the structure must also be removed. You’ll need professionals to remove any drywall, as this is often unrepairable after a flood, but hardwood floors or other surfaces, as well as inner components such as wall insulation, must be inspected and removed or dried out to ensure that a home and its furnishing are safe to restore and reuse.

If your home or business has suffered flood damage, we can help. McCarthy General Contractor has many years of experience right here in Marysville serving the entire Snohomish County area. Contact us 24/7 for a prompt, professional response.

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