Storm damage fallen tree

Fallen Tree Removal and Structural Repair

Trees look beautiful in parks and create the natural splendor of a forest. But trees can also line streets, be found in the front and backyards of homes, and even have a place in public or corporate properties, such as government offices and retail outlets.

However, a tree is a living thing and, like all living things, doesn’t last forever. Trees do eventually get too old and die. Or can encounter an accident that leaves them weakened and unable to support themselves. In some cases, this can result in a tree falling, and this is a situation that needs to be carefully addressed.

Why It Happens

Trees fall for numerous reasons, although there’s plenty of advance warning that it’s going to happen in the majority of cases. The most common reason a tree falls is that it is sick or already dead and no longer has the health to continue supporting itself. In other cases, it may be a situation where poor soil conditions or insufficient rooting mean the tree cannot stay adequately anchored in the ground.

Of course, there are also other less predictable causes for trees falling. A severe storm with lightning is a typical example that most people think of. A tree struck by lightning and buffeted by strong storm winds can call over, even if the tree is healthy.

Signs Of Imminent Fall

In many cases, property owners will have some clues well ahead of a tree falling to prepare for the possibility. A healthy tree is rarely a danger, but sick trees give off plenty of warning signs. If you see a tree on your property that:

• Have branches regularly falling with little or no wind
• It has a large hole
• Has deep cracks
• Is missing bark

These are all potential signs that a tree is in poor health and may be at risk of falling over.

What To Do

If you cannot eliminate the risk of a tree falling before it happens and have to deal with a fallen tree on your property, get professionals. Depending on the tree’s size, property owners may find it impossible to do this for free by themselves.

If the tree is very large and has fallen onto—or crashed through—a structure, professional removal is crucial. Trying to remove a tree without proper equipment may further damage the structure, possibly even causing total collapse if not done correctly. Improper disposal may injure those involved and even complicate your insurance experience if it ends up causing additional damage. A professional response ensures faster results both on the property and financially.

If you have a tree that’s fallen somewhere on your property, we can help. We have many years of experience helping property owners in this area.

Contact us for a prompt, professional response. We’ll carefully examine the site, look at how the tree has impacted the property, and use the right equipment and approach to ensure that no additional damage is done.

In addition if a fallen tree has damaged your property, we are fully equipped to remove the tree, the resulting debris, secure your property from further damage and make any and all needed repairs.

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