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Tips On Dealing With Fire, Smoke, And Soot Damage

A fire can wreak havoc on your home in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, there’s no way to plan for an event because there’s no telling when one might strike. But, doing absolutely nothing isn’t an option, of course. That could cause the property to get damaged beyond belief. Plus, it may lead to people getting seriously hurt or killed, and nobody wants that. So, what do individuals do to prepare?

There are different ways to keep loved ones safe and limit the damage. For instance, smoke alarms should be installed in rooms, as per city fire codes. Then, they can alert people to the situation when flames ignite and tell them to get outside. Additionally, homeowners can keep fire extinguishers in kitchens, utility rooms, or other locations. Those who go this route should make sure all household members know how to use the devices. That will ensure that no matter who’s home, small fires will get contained.

People can also get monitored alarm systems installed. These items aren’t just for burglaries and home invasions. The professionals watching over the places can send emergency crews out when other things happen too. For example, if flames break out because of, let’s say, a malfunctioning heating unit, they can send the local fire department to the location.

Extinguishing The Fire Is Only Half The Battle

Please, take preventative measures to protect you, your property, and your loved ones. Getting flames extinguished quickly and keeping everyone safe should always be your top priorities.

However, eliminating the fire is only half the battle. When a fire breaks out inside the home, fire, smoke, and soot damage enter the picture. If you’ve never experienced a house fire, you may not think these issues sound like big deals, but they can be, especially if you try to tackle the restoration alone.

Thankfully, you don’t have to face the aftermath of a fire on your own. Instead, contact us when something goes down. We’ll help ensure that the disaster doesn’t hinder your quality of life.

What Harm Does Fire Cause?

Flames like to try to destroy anything and everything in their paths. For example, wood can become charred and ruined. The fire can wreak havoc on carpets, wood floors, and furniture. Ceilings, stairs, handrails, and more can get damaged too. The list can genuinely go on and on. However, just because some things are damaged, that doesn’t mean they need to be replaced. Sometimes, all they need is to be repaired and cleaned to be as good as new.

Of course, some items will have to be replaced. There’s just no way around it. But, many times, belongings can be saved. That’s why you need a top-notch fire restoration team in your corner. We have the tools and experience to save what can be saved. For instance, the techs can clean upholstery and carpeting. However, they can also replace carpet and padding, lumber, trim, drywall, and so much more if necessary. Whatever it is, there’s a good chance that we do that. So, if you have questions, just ask.

Don’t Forget About The Water Damage That Can Arise After A Fire

It isn’t just charred wood and things of that nature you have to worry about after a fire. If water is used to extinguish the flames, it can cause some issues too. Carpet, padding and furniture cushions can soak the liquid up like a sponge. Also, wood flooring can buckle because of H2O. The point is restoration services for water damage may be necessary following a fire. Don’t worry if that’s the case, though. Our company can help with that as well.

Smoke Will Travel Throughout The Home

Different types of smoke can be unleashed inside your home. The kinds depend on what burns in the fire. However, the ones you could be dealing with include:

  • Fuel or oil smoke
  • Dry smoke
  • Wet smoke
  • Protein smoke

Smoke travels and likes to get in every little nook and cranny. Nothing is off-limits, not clothing, bedding, or anything else in-between. Plus, it is not uncommon for smoke to get inside the ductwork. Then, it can move from room to room, leaving an obnoxious odor behind everywhere. That’s the last thing people need is to smell smoke after a fire, as that could trigger an unpleasant memory.

How do restoration companies clean and restore items? Different chemicals, processes, and tools are necessary, depending on what projects they’re tackling. For instance, extraction and thermal fogging machines are typically used to clean the surfaces of floors and carpets. Meanwhile, you’ll have to wash clothing and curtains to get the smoke odor out. But you cannot do that right off the bat. First, these articles need to be cleaned with a combination of trisodium phosphate and water. Then afterward, different washing cycles in the washer will be required. They’ll ensure the items don’t get destroyed in the wash and entirely eliminate the odor.

Soot Can Continue Damaging Long After The Fire Is Gone

Soot is acidic. That means if it is left to do as it pleases, the substance can cause discoloration and oxidation. This sediment seems to get on everything after a fire. It is often found on walls, ceilings, cabinets, and countertops. Electronics, furniture, and appliances become coated in soot too. The residue gets into small cracks and crevices where it can go unnoticed by the untrained eye. It can hide out undetected and continue damaging long after flames have been extinguished. So, do yourself a favor and hire an exceptional restoration team. They’ll get rid of all the soot in your structure, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

What About Debris Removal?

After a fire, some items stay inside the home. However, there is also debris that needs to be removed. You could tackle this venture on your own, but trust us when we say you’ll already have plenty on your plate. For one, there will be meetings with the insurance adjuster you’ll have to attend. Also, you will need to get in touch with all your people to, hopefully, let them know that everyone in your household is alright. Then, how about a place to stay?

We hope the information provided has been informative and helpful. There is obviously a lot to consider when you experience fire, smoke, and soot damage.

Rest assured, that we are here to help you every step of the way to recover from this disaster. Give us a call today, 24/7.

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