Black mold growing on wall in home

Removing Black Mold from Your Home

When you learn that there is mold in your living space, it’s important to know how to get rid of it and how to practice proper mold remediation, so that you can protect your home and family.

Mold can come in numerous forms, but black mold is an especially dangerous type and it can cause many serious health issues.

If you’re dealing with a small area of your home, you may be able to remove the mold completely on your own. If you are worried about the dangers to your health, or if you have mold issues that are widespread, you may want to consult a professional that is skilled in black mold removal.

Black Mold Remediation

It’s important that one not touch mold or spores, or try to clean black mold up without completely understanding the process and the health risks involved. The type of remediation needed can vary based on a variety of specifics. You may need different techniques depending on how far the mold has spread, if it’s moved into your home’s ducts, or if carpets or soft furnishings have molded.

As you clean up black mold, it’s absolutely vital to use the correct protection so that you can avoid exposing yourself to mold spores or the mold itself.

You’ll need an N-95 respirator to assist you as you work to avoid airborne mold and spores. For this type of mask to work correctly, it’s vital to have the proper fit. Be sure to follow the directions precisely to guarantee a proper fit.

You should also be sure to wear goggles that don’t have ventilation holes, so that you cannot get mold spores into your eyes. Be sure to wear long gloves as you clean the contaminated area.

Remove all visible mold, and then repair the original water damage to your property so that it is not re-contaminated. After you’ve remediated your home, stay out of the area for some time, then come back and check to see if mold has returned.

In some situations, the mold may hide within your home. You may only notice a slight scent of mildew, or that the individuals in the house have recurring health complaints.

The mold can hide in ducts, behind wallpaper, in the roofing, or under the carpet. A mold problem of this scale can be difficult to treat and will likely require professional assistance. It’s important to be aware that removing carpet or wallpaper from an area with mold contamination can release an enormous amount of spores.

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