Crawl Space Sewage Removal Service vs. DIY Sewage Removal


crawlspace sewage removal service


Raw sewage under a house is never a good thing because the substance can cause various issues. For instance, if the crawl space stays moist, mold can begin to grow on wood, concrete blocks, and more. The United States Environmental Protection Agency states that molds produce allergens and have the potential to cause health problems. Therefore, it is best to make sure your crawl space stays nice and dry because that will help keep such issues at bay.

Additionally, if sewage is left to sit and do as it pleases for an extended period, eventually, that can cause boards to rot. Then, homeowners will likely begin to notice symptoms like sagging floors and sticking windows or doors. The point is that sewage should always be removed from crawl spaces promptly because that can stop other problems from developing.

Now, the question becomes, “How should you tackle the project?”. Is a DIY approach right for you, or would you rather bring in a professional crawl space sewage removal service? The choice is yours, but take the following things into consideration before you decide.

Why Is DIY Crawlspace Sewage Removal a Bad Idea?


Injuries Could Arise

Think about this ahead of selecting do-it-yourself crawl space sewage removal. You could sustain injuries during the venture. Then, instead of saving some cash removing the sewage yourself, you’ll be stuck paying hefty medical expenses to recover.

Meanwhile, there’s also the matter of your inexperience causing you to make the situation worse. If that happens, you could have to spend what feels like a small fortune to rectify everything.

You Might Miss Something

It is your prerogative to use a DIY approach to remove sewage from your crawl space if you wish, but what if you miss something? That could lead to complications down the line.

For example, if the air conditioning ducts are in the crawl space, the moisture from the sewage could cause mold to grow inside them. Should you skip cleaning the channels, mold spores may get blown all over the home.

Then, you, other occupants, and pets might experience mold allergy symptoms or complications. Plus, the house will need a costly mold remediation service to rid it of the fungus. So, ahead of attempting a do-it-yourself sewage removal, you should at least consider this aspect to help you determine if the approach is best.

Benefits Of A Professional Crawl Space Sewage Removal Service

There are many perks associated with hiring a professional crawl space sewage removal company. Firstly, you getting hurt disappears because you’ll no longer be doing the work. Also, these teams deal with sewer issues daily. That experience allows you to rest easy knowing your dilemma will be resolved in the short and long term.

Finally, the last benefit to discuss is sewer backup insurance. If you have the appropriate home insurance coverage, professional sewage cleanup may only run you the cost of your deductible.

Therefore, you won’t be left feeling as if you had to break the bank by paying for the ordeal out of pocket.

Be certain to weigh the pros and cons of DIY/professional crawl space sewage removal services when your next project arises. That will ensure you make an informed decision on what’s right for you.

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