Case Study: Windstorm Damage Restoration in Gold Bar, WA

Client: Homeowner in Gold Bar, Washington

Service Provider: McCarthy General Contractor

Project Overview: McCarthy General Contractor was called upon to address the aftermath of a destructive windstorm that struck Gold Bar, Washington. During the storm, a large tree fell onto a residential property, causing extensive storm damage to the roof and resulting in a large limb crashing through the ceiling in the Dining/Family Room. The project highlighted McCarthy’s commitment to providing meticulous restoration services, regardless of the job’s size, to ensure that clients’ homes are restored to their original condition.

Scope of Work: The project involved a comprehensive storm damage restoration effort to address the structural damage caused by the fallen tree and the subsequent water damage:

  • Tree Removal: The first step was to safely remove the fallen tree from the roof, preventing further structural damage to the property.
  • Damage Assessment: Upon further inspection, it was discovered that a crack had developed at the base of a wall near the sliding glass door in the dining room. The damage was thoroughly assessed to identify all affected areas.
  • Debris and Contents Removal: Debris resulting from the fallen tree and damaged materials were removed from the property. Contents within the affected rooms were also carefully removed to facilitate the restoration process.
  • Water Extraction and Drying: McCarthy’s team employed water extraction equipment to remove excess water from the affected rooms. Air movers and a dehumidifier were strategically placed to expedite the drying process, preventing potential mold growth and further damage.
  • Structural Repairs: The crack in the base of the wall and the ceiling were expertly repaired, restoring the structural integrity of the affected areas.
  • Cleanup and Debris Removal: McCarthy General Contractor places great importance on maintaining a clean and organized work environment. They ensured that all debris and materials were removed from the site, leaving it in pristine condition.

Challenges Faced: The primary challenge was the extensive damage caused by the fallen tree, which necessitated prompt response and comprehensive restoration efforts to address both structural and water damage.

Solution: McCarthy General Contractor’s solution involved a meticulous and detail-oriented approach to ensure that all aspects of the restoration were addressed effectively:

  • Immediate Response: McCarthy acted swiftly to remove the fallen tree, assess the damage, and initiate the restoration process.
  • Thorough Assessment: A comprehensive assessment was conducted to identify all areas of damage, including the crack in the wall and ceiling.
  • Water Mitigation: Water extraction and drying measures were implemented to prevent further damage and mold growth.
  • Structural Repairs: Expert repairs were made to the damaged wall and ceiling, ensuring the structural integrity of the affected areas was restored.
  • Cleanup: McCarthy General Contractor’s commitment to cleanliness extended to the job site, where they ensured all debris and materials were removed, leaving the property in impeccable condition.

Outcome: The project concluded with a successful restoration effort, including repairs to the structural damage and water mitigation to prevent further issues. McCarthy General Contractor’s dedication to treating each job with the utmost importance, regardless of size, was evident in their commitment to delivering quality restoration services.

This case study underscores McCarthy General Contractor’s capability to provide meticulous property damage restoration services, demonstrating their commitment to client satisfaction and the preservation of their homes.

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