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Owner Rick McCarthy (right) with Mayor

Rick McCarthy was born and raised in Washington. Rick was brought up in a solid loving family who focused on good morals, values and strong work ethics. Craftsmanship, fabrication, creativity and problem solving was passed down through 3 generations implementing Rick’s desire to construct. Passionate about building, and creating visions into reality, remodels was the perfect fit.

With basic tools and a whole lot of ambition Rick started his company in February of 2007. He is not only dedicated to his customers, he also has a special devotion towards his employees. He strives to create a family environment within his company resulting in longevity of employees and a strong team. In his free time he spends time in the deep woods of Alaska and Idaho or crafting projects with his children. Rick enjoys the outdoors, boating, fishing, hiking and helping others. Rick’s love for people, community and his family is his drive force in life. He strives to make a positive difference in life on a daily basis and the power of positivity is his motto! Rick is very thankful for his family, children, friends, staff and the community.

The Importance of Community

Promoting a Positive Community and Economic Growth In Our Neighborhood

Local Cub Scout project

Community involvement is very important to McCarthy. The importance of communication, connecting, and developing positive relationships with people has created our desire to be very involved with the community. We are proud members of the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary 5050, and Master Builders Association. We also love being involved and supporting several fundraisers for various non profit organizations or helping people in need. Our passion, involvement, hard work and dedication towards helping others continues to grow. Just like family, a strong community is the foundation of life, success, and positive outcomes!

Why Choose the McCarthy Team?

  • 4th Generation Remodel Company: This means we have the expertise and knowledge to methodically remove water damaged items in your home, as a result this saves time and money.
  • Our communication is industry leading! We have a long history of communicating with our clientele, letting you know the schedule as the project moves forward so there’s no surprise visits (unannounced visits).
  • FAST Reliable services: No matter what the time, when a disaster strikes we are here to answer the phone and dispatch our team to alleviate your concerns!
  • Uniformed and Certified Technicians: Our Technicians are certified and uniformed for your safety. This ensures you have a trusted team member with the proper certifications to do the most efficient work possible.
  • Superior Equipment: We are consistently staying up to date with the latest equipment and technologies – this provides a faster and more complete service.

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