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Nearly all homes contain some type of mold, either in their bathrooms or kitchens, and these can usually be cleaned up with commercially available solutions. However, if you have found an above average area of mold growth (for example, four or five square feet), then the problem cannot be that easily eradicated. You should not attempt to clean this up yourself, the potential threat to the immune system is considerable for anyone exposed to it.

The attention of a trained and certified mold removal company is required to remediate the presence of mold with specialized products and techniques, and to safely dispose of the mold-contaminated materials. McCarthy is licensed in the removal of mold and the reconstruction of those areas of the home that have been destroyed. We use the latest methods of restoration and remediation to keep the integrity of the site as much as possible, while also preventing future growth of mold. Our team is experienced in residential as well as commercial mold removal, and our primary goal in working with any customer is their health and safety.

Trained & Certified Mold Removal Experts

The process of removing mold is different than handling a water damage job or a fire restoration job. Proper containment of the area is required to avoid the risk of mold spreading, which means specific precautions must be taken, and proper attire is needed to keep the technicians safe from the mold. The source of mold must be located, which can often be problematic due to the size and permeation of some mold growths. Mold can be found in HVAC systems, under carpets and flooring, inside cracks of concrete, on wood surfaces, and even on pages of old books.

Anyone working or living in the affected structures are at a serious health risk, so the mold must be handled immediately. It is easy for mold to spread, especially in moist or humid conditions, but it can just as easily be spread by brushing up against it releasing spores into the air. The team at McCarthy has handled mold remediation needs for hundreds of local residents and businesses. We have certified staff with credentials from the IICRC, and they are up to date on all remediation protocols. Our process consists of industry standard procedures that are proven to eradicate all of the mold, and prevent future mold growth. This protects you, your family or employees, and anyone else living or working in the structure. We adhere to all OSHA, EPA, and IICRC standards.

We carry out our removal and remediation process through a proven system that includes:

  • Water Extraction & Flood Cleanup
  • Drying
  • Mold Eradication
  • Sanitation
  • Complete Restoration

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