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Without Marysville sewage cleanup services on-call, homes and businesses would be subjected to emergency piping issues that could render their homes uninhabitable and cause significant interior damage. 

This is why McCarthy General Contractor offers 24-hour Marysville emergency sewage cleanup services. Preventing plumbing catastrophes is what our company is all about. Our goal is to ensure that Marysville home and business owners have access to flexible, immediate, and efficient clean up services when they are needed. 

Marysville Sewage Cleanup Services 

Everett Sewage Backup

Leaking sewage pipes can lead to interior damage, stench, and sickness for Marysville home and business owners. Blackwater bacteria pose a significant threat to human health and living or working in close proximity to blackwater poses health risks that nobody should have to deal with. 

Rather than risk your health or your establishment’s safety, get your place the professional care that it needs by contacting a seasoned Marysville sewage damage cleanup team. McCarthy General Contractor has been improving home and business functionality for more than 30 years and our team is ready to assist you with your cleanup needs. 

The Dangers of Blackwater 

Blackwater leakage should never be handled on your own. 

Due to the potential for damage and sickness, sewage leakage should only ever be handled by a professional. Attempting to deal with bio-hazardous substances (such as blackwater) can lead to extensive property damage, persistent foul odors, and sickness. 

Some of the dangers of sewage flooding include: 

  • Toxic mold growth 
  • Flooring damage 
  • Furniture damage 
  • Property damage 
  • The presence of harmful bacteria
  • Sickness due to mold or bacteria (including illnesses such as hepatitis A, encephalitis, E. coli, viruses, and parasitic infection)
  • Foul odors 
  • Inability to use your space due to damage or odors 
  • Blackwater can cause harm to the environment 

Benefits of Hiring Our Marysville sewage backup cleanup Team 

Now that you are familiar with the dangers of blackwater and how it isn’t wise to attempt to deal with it on your own, here are some of the benefits of partnering with our Marysville sewage overflow cleanup crew.  

IICRC certified
  • We are certified by the IICRC for safe cleanup. 
  • Our team is comprised of fully licensed and insured technicians.
  • We effectively sanitize and clean all surfaces, contaminated belongings, and furniture.
  • We carefully and safely dispose of waste and contaminated materials. 
  • We are trained to professionally eradicate all parasites, bacteria, mildew, and fungi.
  • We employ effective deodorization techniques following sewage cleanup services. 

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Efficient, reliable, thorough, and friendly, McCarthy General Contractor’s team of sewage cleanup experts is ready to assist you through any plumbing emergency. When you partner with our team, you can rest easy knowing that your residence or business will be given the thorough cleaning and care that it deserves. 

Our goal is to provide immediate services that help businesses and homes recover from maintenance-related emergencies and get their space back to functional as soon as possible. 

Get in touch with McCarthy General Contractor for immediate sewage cleanup assistance or with any questions you may have. 

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