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Tips for Removing Water From Carpets to Stop Mold

Mold can damage a building so severely that it requires major repairs to fix. This only happens when mold is allowed to grow massively, and it is usually not of any concern to the average homeowner unless a major storm occurs and causes water damage to the home or business.

Everyday spills on carpets can also lead to mold growth. While you probably will never have to worry about getting your whole house renovated because of a spilled glass of water, you do want to use care to clean up spills quickly.

Mold can grow quickly itself and it thrives in areas where moisture exists. It can damage carpets which can become a costly thing to fix.

Clean up Water Immediately

The moment you notice a spill, clean it up. Most of the time any small amount of water that comes into contact with your carpet will dry just fine on its own. In fact, many manufacturers create carpeting that resists spills and stains so you can usually be confident that any small spill will rectify itself. However, if you live in a damp climate or the carpeting is in a basement or other room susceptible to moisture, make sure to clean the spill fast. Use a dry, soft cloth to blot it.

If there is more of a spill or it is covering a larger amount of carpeting, you can bring out a hairdryer to dry it. If you do not have time to stand there with a blow dryer, bring a fan into the room and turn it on to high. Open any windows if the weather permits you to. This will speed the drying up.

Is your spill especially severe or has the home been affected by rain coming through a leaky window? If so, you will want to get a high-powered fan to do the drying. You can find one at a hardware or home improvement store. You can also phone your local water cleanup company to help as they have professional-grade fans to use for the purpose of drying out large areas as well.

Make Use of Dehumidifiers

This is a good idea if you live in a wet climate or you are dealing with a basement area. Running dehumidifiers on a daily basis will keep all moisture out for the good of the carpet and the rest of the structure. However, if you have a spill or a leak and need some additional spot drying it cannot hurt to run the dehumidifier after you put on the fans. For these jobs, keep them going at least one day after the drying is complete. This is to ensure that the whole carpet is dry right down to the padding.

Use Steam Cleaners Routinely

Everyday moisture can add up to damaging your carpets over time. Make use of steam cleaners every few months to pull up any germs, bacteria or potential mold. These machines will deodorize your house, too.

You love your carpets, so show them as much care as you can. Follow all these tips for cleaning up water so that mold growth will never happen.

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