how to spot cabinet water damage

Don’t Miss These Four Signs Of Cabinet Water Damage

When we think of water damage, we often think of a flood that wipes out all of our possessions and damages our homes. However, in most cases water damage starts small with a drip or a leak. Sometimes it even comes from a household being too humid.

Usually the signs of water damage are often small and unnoticeable–until it is too late. One of the areas that most often shows signs of water damage before anything else is your cabinetry. Cabinetry around kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and anywhere else in your home are very susceptible to water damage.

Signs Of Cabinet Water Damage

It’s a good idea to regularly inspect your home for any signs of damage. When inspecting your cabinets, here are the signs of water damage to cabinetry:

1. Discoloration

Discoloration is usually easiest to see on unpainted wood, but can appear on painted wood as well. Wood is extremely porous, so if it is exposed to prolonged moisture it will absorb it. One of the things that happens when wood absorbs moisture is the color changes. Depending on the wood type, the color can get darker or lighter. This is usually most noticeable around the corners and edges of the cabinets.

2. Warping

Another thing that happens when wood absorbs excess moisture is warping. Warping takes some time unless the exposure is very high, very quickly. It may not always be apparent that your cabinetry is warping. However, if you notice that your cabinet doors are not closing the way they used to or that they suddenly seem a little crooked. Another good sign is that there are suddenly gaps when the doors are closed.

3. Peeling

Peeling can happen with both wood and painted wood cabinets because wood cabinetry uses sealants like polyurethane. Peeling can happen two ways. First is there is a lot of moisture on the surface of the cabinetry causing the paint and sealants to start to peel. The second way is that as the wood absorbs moisture it begins to expand. This expansion increases the size of the surface area, leading to cracks and ultimately peeling and flaking.

4. Musty Smell

With excess moisture come things like mold and mildew. If your cabinetry is exposed to too much moisture, it can start developing a smell. Both mold and mildew have a distinct musty smell. People have also described the smell as earthy, damp, dank, tangy, and rot. If you open your cabinetry and notice that it smells dank, musty, or any of these other smells, you may have water damage. If there is mold present, make sure to work with a professional mold remediation company as mold is very dangerous to our health.

What To Do If Your Cabinets Are Water Damaged

If you think your cabinets are water damaged, the next step is to call a water damage repair company, like us. We will come out and do an inspection of your cabinets and your home. If your cabinets are experiencing water damage, they will find the source of the problem. Then they will implement solutions to fix and prevent any damage.

If you’re worried about water damage to your cabinets, give our team a call. We’ll find the cause of the damage and implement a preventative solution to restore your home. Call us anytime, day or night!

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